Roman food tour

Travelling in Italy and not speak of Italian food? Well, that’s impossible. Italy is synonymous with pasta, pizza, and gelato. And any foodie will want to indulge in the delicious Italian cuisine. But when you have limited time and your eyes are bigger than your stomach (well, that’s me),  it’s better to trust the experts. That… Read More Roman food tour

Cinque Terre travel guide

In a country like Italy you need a vacation within a vacation…huh? – a break from museums, art galleries, historical building hopping, and tours of any kind. Italian riviera is exactly one of those places—a place to chill, dine, and sip some wine! And for a hiking lover, there are spectacular coastal hiking trails right outside your door. So, here’s your… Read More Cinque Terre travel guide

Best things to do in Florence

Birthplace of Italian Renaissance—particularly Renaissance painting, Florence is an absolute favorite with every other traveller. It is said that the number of tourists outnumber the locals during peak season. And these large numbers are always around Florence’s beautiful cathedral (Duomo di Firenze), and in Piazza della Signoria. But that shouldn’t deter you from visiting Tuscany’s… Read More Best things to do in Florence

Day trip to Pisa

There was nothing overwhelming about Pisa and its leaning tower, especially right after coming from  the open museum city of Rome; although, I would say that I loved ascending this bell tower. So if you ask me, skip a day trip to Pisa and spend more time in Florence or Cinque Terre. Where Pisa is a city in the… Read More Day trip to Pisa

Four days in Rome

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. So are four days enough to see and experience this architecturally and culturally rich city? Well, no… in four days we could cover only a few important sights, places we had learnt about or seen pictures of. And we left it at that. We spent more time on a food tour,… Read More Four days in Rome