Best of Vienna in three days

Vienna is a modern, fast-paced, cosmopolitan city divided into 23 districts and much bigger than what we anticipated. The first district, right at the center, is a historic UNESCO World Heritage site. Being the oldest, the Inner Stadt or first district has all the noteworthy attractions and is the concentration point for the horde of tourists (including… Read More Best of Vienna in three days

Hiking in Pinnacles National Park

Where Pinnacles national park is the newest addition to California’s list of national parks. It was previously a National Monument and only in January 2013 the ‘national park’ title was bestowed on it. Pinnacles is near the infamous San Andreas Fault, and the unique rock formations here are a result of volcanic eruptions eons ago. The park… Read More Hiking in Pinnacles National Park

Four days in Rome

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. So, are four days enough to see and experience this city rich in architecture and culture? Well, no… in four days we could cover only a few important sights, places we knew or had seen pictures of. And we left it at that. We spent more time on sampling Roman food… Read More Four days in Rome

In Pictures: Vatican City – the smallest country

Where Vatican city is the smallest country. Though it is within the city of Rome, Vatican is an independent country altogether. St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine chapel, and the Vatican museums are in Vatican city, and they house some of the most famous paintings and sculptures. Vatican city tours Guided tours are offered by the Vatican… Read More In Pictures: Vatican City – the smallest country