Wildlife safari in Kabini Forest Reserve

… or a romantic get-away from the bustling city-life of Bangalore/Mysore.

Fancy seeing tuskers in the wild? Elephants not in chains, doing what they like to do. You can watch them in their natural habitat—sand bathing, foraging, or even see them get protective around their babies (if you are lucky that is!).
If this is how you prefer watching wildlife, then you shouldn’t miss going on a wildlife safari in Kabini Forest Reserve.


Kabini Forest Reserve is situated in the state of Karnataka, South India. It is in the southern part of Nagarhole National park, around 240kms from the city of Bangalore and less than 100kms from Mysore.


Kabini is a popular wildlife destination in Karnataka. And there are some great resorts near Kabini river. So, over weekends and holidays, hotels and resorts tend to get completely booked.

During our many visits, we stayed in Jungle lodges and Waterwoods Lodge, both located by the river.


Jungle lodges and resorts run by the Forest Department operate jeep, bus, and boat safaris within the reserve. Jeep and bus safaris are offered twice a day (If I remember correctly). We have taken the afternoon-evening safari, and were lucky spotting many animals and birds. Elephants, spotted dear, Sambar deer, wild boars, Indian giant squirrels, Indian vultures, Ibis, Painted stork, are few of the wildlife that we saw in the forest.

One memorable experience—a herd of elephants (calves and juveniles) crossing our path in the jungle. As soon as they saw our safari jeep they waited, we stopped and waited too. Then sensing that it was safe they rushed to the other side. Babies and young ones were hustled to the middle, and the group was guided by a very cautious matriarch.

We also saw tuskers by the waterhole.

Kabini river runs through the reserve, so there are boat tours, too. Boat safaris are something I am yet to try.

Some of the other activities  that you would be interested in – guided hiking and nature walks, kayaking, coracle ride.


Which is your favorite place to see elephants in the wild?

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