A slice of heaven: Pangong Tso

… until your encounter with a Ladakhi pit toilet! 😀

Where is this place?

Pangong Tso, is a lake in the Himalayas on the Indo-Tibet border, Ladakh region of Jammu&Kashmir state of India. Only one-fourth of the lake lies in India. Though Pangong Tso is a saline lake it completely freezes in winter.

When did we go there?

July 2010

How did we reach there?

Mini-bus from Leh. Pangong Tso can be reached only by land and is around 6 to 7 hours drive one way. We did our Ladakh trip with Exotic Expeditions.

Where did we stay?

Tents. (Luckily, the place where we stayed had flush toilets.)

The Journey…

What do you see there?

Indescribable beauty.

What do you do there?

What would you possibly want to do in a place like this?! Enjoy the quietude. Poeticize. Fall in love.
Sorry, you won’t be able to Instagram, Tweet, or status update about it. Hopefully, it’s still the same and stays like that.

Pangong at different times of the day…

Must do: Stay for minimum one night.

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