Austria’s fairytale village Hallstatt

Austria’s fairytale village Hallstatt is nothing short of a fairy-tale—a village nestled in the Dachstein mountains on the banks of a lake by the same name. Lush green mountains, pristine lake with graceful swans, and pretty little timber houses stacked atop each other, this idyllic postcard-perfect village and its scenic surroundings will take your breath away. Where Hallstatt is… Read More Austria’s fairytale village Hallstatt

Dachstein Ice Cave and 5 Fingers

Dachstein ice cave and 5 fingers – What and Where? 5 fingers is a viewing platform on Mount Krippenstein, Austria. It is considered to be the most spectacular viewing platform in the Alps. Why is it called 5 fingers? Because of its hand-like shape. Dachstein ice cave, as the name suggests, is a cave with giant… Read More Dachstein Ice Cave and 5 Fingers