Day trip to Pisa

There was nothing overwhelming about Pisa and its leaning tower, especially right after coming from  the open museum city of Rome; although, I would say that I loved ascending this bell tower.
So if you ask me, skip a day trip to Pisa and spend more time in Florence or Cinque Terre.


Pisa is a city in the Tuscany region of Italy. It is famous for its leaning tower and day trippers swarm to the ‘Field of Miracles’.

We made a brief stop in Pisa on our way to Florence from Riomaggiore  (a small village forming the Cinque Terra or Five lands, on the coast of the Ligurian sea). Dropping our luggage at ‘Left Luggage’ service in Pisa Centrale train station, we boarded a bus and set out to see the leaning tower. Looking around from the bus, I felt it would have been better if we had leisurely walked from the station to the ‘Field of Miracles’. River Arno and the old, colorful edifices alongside it looked pretty against the blue sky and white clouds. But Pisa was never part of our original plan, and so I just enjoyed the ride.

Torre Pendente (Leaning tower), Duomo di Pisa (Pisa Cathedral) and Battistero (Baptistry), Composanto Monumental (Monumental cemetery)- are the important complexes that form the Field of Miracles (Piazza dei Miracoli).

I purchased the 18 euro ticket and ascended the tower; and that is the only feeling I still remember. Felt a bit funny while inside the tower, maybe it was vertigo that kicked in or maybe it was the tilt. Either way I enjoyed it and the view.

Tickets can also be booked online in advance, click here.

Everybody who is visiting Pisa are right there at Piazza dei Miracle. Most of them right in front of Pisa trying to either save the tower from falling, or trying hard pushing it, and many others with their selfie sticks; all to get that perfect ‘me and the leaning tower’ picture. And then, there are people like us, enjoying the show!

Tower of Pisa’s lean began only while construction because of the soft earth on one side. Otherwise, it is just another bell tower, nothing impressive other than Mother Nature’s work of tilting it!

After a quick, mediocre lunch in one of those restaurants targeted for tourists (yes, we didn’t bother venturing farther from the piazza) we headed back to Centrale station to catch the train to Firenze unknowing that I would be falling in love… again! I was already head over heels for the Ligurian riviera of Cinque Terra.

What are your thoughts on Pisa?

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