Offbeat Prague: Top 4 suggestions

Prague or Praha (in Czech), Czech Republic’s capital city is on everyone’s ‘must-visit’ or ‘bucket-list’, and it’s easy to see why. With spires dotting its skyline, swan ruled Vltava river, and the 9th century Prague castle overlooking the city from a hill, Prague can be mistaken to be a kingdom right out of a fairytale. No wonder… Read More Offbeat Prague: Top 4 suggestions

Cinque Terre travel guide

In a country like Italy you need a vacation within a vacation…huh? – a break from museums, art galleries, historical building hopping, and tours of any kind. Italian riviera is exactly one of those places—a place to chill, dine, and sip some wine! And for a hiking lover, there are spectacular coastal hiking trails right outside your door. So, here’s your… Read More Cinque Terre travel guide

Wildlife safari in Kabini Forest Reserve

… or a romantic get-away from the bustling city-life of Bangalore/Mysore. Fancy seeing tuskers in the wild? Elephants not in chains, doing what they like to do. You can watch them in their natural habitat—sand bathing, foraging, or even see them get protective around their babies (if you are lucky that is!). If this is how you prefer watching wildlife, then… Read More Wildlife safari in Kabini Forest Reserve

Snowmobiling in Targhee National Forest

Planning a winter trip to Yellowstone national park? Interested in fun activities outside the park? Let me familiarize you with the surrounding forest areas of  Caribou-Targhee and Gallatin. Endless breathtaking vistas and miles of groomed trails beckon the novice as well as the expert snowmobilers to these forests every winter. Here’s some information and tips for snowmobiling in Targhee… Read More Snowmobiling in Targhee National Forest